How Much Does It Cost to bring Stephen Kozan to your school?

I offer three flexible options that will cater to your school’s budget.

The First

A 60-80 minute group presentation (to the grades you wish) which includes both me and one of my illustrators. This will be the standard presentation that includes InstaART and Flash Fiction, along with the opportunity for one of the students to be published with my company. $600

The Second

Half day work shop (after the group presentation in ‘The First’) with groups of students who wish to learn more using art and writing prompts. This is a more personal experience. $1,200

The Third

A full day residency which includes the presentation ‘The First’, extensive workshops using art and writing prompts, ‘The Second,’ along with editing help on their Flash Fiction stories, Q&A, access to my personal notebooks that I used to write my books, and 20 signed copies of my book, TOWN, as giveaways to the students. $1,600

Two popular ways to get me to your school

  • PTO/PTA Assistance
  • Title I Grants

Let’s work together on this, and make it a cool experience for the kids!

Title I Schools

If you’re looking for a bulk book purchase for your school, please contact Stephen via email:

He’d love to discuss it with you!